Table basic-oak type 1

A new table made out of 200 years old oak beams. The table you see is 2.50 meters long and 1 meters width. It has a height of 75 centimeters.. Coating is done with lin seed oil.

Table is made on command and it is depending on the availability of materials. Sizes can be 1 meters width by 2.00 meters, 2.50 meters, 3 meters, 3.50 meters or 4 meters in length.

Table can also be made of new wood (pine) and can then have an other finsih in coating.

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Quesa is very comfortable terras chair on wheels and with handles on the sides. It is made out of old palletplanks. Dimensions are 80 x 85 x 80 cm. Made out of 100% reclaimed wood. Connections are made with glue, nails and screws. Finished with a lin seed coating but other (or no coating) coatings are possible as well.

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Tablet/Phone stand

Tablet / phone stands are made of strokes of pallet wood. Glued together, then plained and sanded. Finishing coat with lin-seed oil. Dimensions are depending on the brand and type of the phone or tablet, because they all vary in size. Please give your tablet and/or phone name as well as the model and/or type, when you place an order.

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