Ons verhaal

Funny Dogs is a project that started to do something with old wood. Wood that normally would end in the stove or in little chips for chipwood boards and so. We decide that we could do something more with it and in that way help mother nature a little bit.

First we dismantle wood from, for example, pallets. Then denail it, plane it, sand it and everything else that is needed. Click here to see pictures.

From there we build furniture that we design ourselves, or fun-objects, kitchen aids, toys, etc. Often inspired by existing furniture and combining different styles. We like the idea that you can see that it is made of reclaimed wood. So that is why we don’t always fill the holes or repair damaged parts. Offcourse we make sure there are no splinters, etc. left.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have special idea’s or wishes. It is possible to design an object together and have it build by your specifications.